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Advantage 200 LS Respirator - NEWAdvantage 200 LS Respirator - NEW
Deluxe Hygiene KitDeluxe Hygiene KitDeluxe Personal Hygiene Kit - a complete hygiene kit for emergency situations
Deluxe Hygiene KitDeluxe Hygiene Kit
Folding Port-A-PottyFolding Port-A-PottyThe folding portable toilet (PP11) has heavy-duty tubular steel legs that support up to 200 lbs. It folds completely and includes toilet seat and 6 plastic liners.
Hygiene KitHygiene Kit
NIOSH N95 Respirartor Dust MaskNIOSH N95 Respirartor Dust Mask
WAG Bag Sanitation UnitWAG Bag Sanitation UnitThe degradable, waste bags called "WAG bags" contain a bioactive non-toxic gelling power called "Pooh- Power." The powder gels the waste, neutralizes odors, initiates the decay process and accelerates decomposition. WAG bags degrade within 6 to eight months when deposited in landfills.

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