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FreePlay Energy Products

Freeplay Energy is the original and leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products. Freeplay Energy's clean, patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable, consumer products replacing conventional disposable battery-powered systems that are environmentally toxic and expensive. The current product range includes radios, flashlights, lanterns, mobile phone chargers and standalone foot powered generators. Freeplay™ Energy consistently offers the highest quality radios, lighting sources and portable energy sources, that incorporate not only AC/DC rechargeable battery sources, but also back up sources of power, such as solar and wind up energy. We offer a variety of Freeplay Energy products. Whether you are looking for emergency flashlights, an emergency backup power source or portable energy sources, you will find we have what you need.

Free Energy Light & Communication

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3 LED Squeeze Flashlight3 LED Squeeze FlashlightSqueeze flashlight with 2 bright LED lights
Emergency Dynamo Lantern with RadioEmergency Dynamo Lantern with Radio
Emergency Light CenterEmergency Light CenterThe Emergency Light Centre is a wall mounted cabinet housing a bank of Freeplay wind-up and rechargeable X-ray LED flashlights. The cabinet is visually unobtrusive, equally at home in a residential, office, commercial or industrial environment.
Eyemax LEDEyemax LEDThe Freeplay Eyemax LED radio delivers a fascinating new sensory dimension to radio listening. The crystal clear casings flaunt the complex workings of the radio and engage the user in the science of converting human energy into pure listening pleasure. It provides reliable access to radio and light anytime, anywhere, offering AM/FM and LED Light, solar power, wind-up or AC rechargeability.
FreeCharge Mobile Phone ChargerFreeCharge Mobile Phone ChargerThe FreeCharge mobile phone charger provides emergency power to mobile phones and enables the user to make and receive calls at any time, even with a flat phone battery. The FreeCharge consists of a base unit with its own internal battery that is energized either by cranking or via the supplied car charger. The FreeCharge is fitted with a standard Nokia output and is adapted to a variety of other phones using interchangeable connectors; Motorola V. Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nextel connectors
Indigo Lantern - GreenIndigo Lantern - GreenThe Indigo Lantern is ideal for everyday use and emergency use indoors and outdoors, featuring an LED cluster and a single directional LED. An articulated handle lets you carry it or hang the lantern as needed. Rubber feet allow for placement on uneven surfaces.
Indigo Lantern - YellowIndigo Lantern - YellowThe Indigo Lantern is ideal for everyday use and emergency use indoors and outdoors, featuring an LED cluster and a single directional LED. An articulated handle lets you carry it or hang the lantern as needed. Rubber feet allow for placement on uneven surfaces.
JONTA - Self powered flashlight - silverJONTA - Self powered flashlight - silverDesigned for absolute reliability, the Jonta offers maximum dependability. The Luxeon LED provides superior performance – visible up to 2 miles, and will never require replacement. A choice of 3 light settings offers flexibility for everyday use, and emergency situations. An energy saving mode allows you to use the flashlight for extended periods at a reduced brightness, select maximum power where the ultra-bright beam is required or the flashing beacon for distress signaling.
Kito Flashlight- YellowKito Flashlight- YellowSimple, rugged, reliable light – anytime, anywhere. The Freeplay Kito Self Powered LED lantern combines the independence of trusted Freeplay technology with the reliability of LED illumination. Never worry about replacing batteries or bulbs again – or even recharging from the wall. A quick 60 second wind of the Kito provides 1 hour illumination – and the more you wind, the longer it shines.
Solar Powered FlashlightSolar Powered Flashlight
Summit Self-Sufficient Mutilband RadioSummit Self-Sufficient Mutilband RadioThe Freeplay Summit is the first compact multiband radio incorporating Freeplay’s unique self-sufficient energy technology. This top end radio combines a PLL (digitally tuned) radio with the reliability of multiple power options: wind up, solar and rechargeable.
Twin Pack - Eyemax Weatherband Radio and Sherpa LED FlashlightTwin Pack - Eyemax Weatherband Radio and Sherpa LED FlashlightThe Twin Pack includes the popular Freeplay EyeMax Weatherband Radio and the reliable Sherpa LED Flashlight. This powerful combination means you will be prepared for any disaster or emergency.

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