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The Original Safety Chair Company

evacuation safety chair

The Original Safety Chair is one of the best ways to evacuated injured our disabled people out of a building, job site, or emergency situation -- especially where there is a need to evacuate up or down stairs.  We have the Original Emergency Chair designed for hospital and office building enviroments.  The Sports Chair with it's wide pneumatic tires  is able to negotiate grass, sand, mud, stairs and other obstabcles - perfect for schools, sports facilities and athletic teams.  The First Response Chair has all the capabilities to navigate a variety of terrains with it's large pneumatic tires and comes with an emergency blanket and is stored in one of the two pockets for emergency supplies.  And, the Industrial Chair is great for use on job sites and in manufacturing enviroments where transport over debris and construction materials may be necessary.  We have an emergency evacuation chair to suite your needs. 

Easy To Use

  • Evacuates Up and Down Stairs
  • Weight Capacity Over 600 lbs.
  • Folds for Storage
  • Wall Mounting Bracket Included
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 6 Points of Lift
  • Comfortable Non-Slip Rubber Grips
  • Removable Handles for Confined Spaces
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Easy Evac Stretcher Kit (SKU: FAAEZKT)Easy Evac Stretcher Kit (SKU: FAAEZKT)evacuation stretcher kit with 2 paramedic blankets
Emergency Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1400)Emergency Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1400)Model 400 – The Emergency Chair- our standard model, designed for hospital and office building environments, has small polypropylene wheels that glide across floors and hallways. It has a safety restraint harness and additional leg and arm restraints.
First Response Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1440)First Response Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1440)Model 440 – The First Response Chair- rescue and attend to injured persons quickly. Immobilize an injury with the leg sling/rest and additional restraints. An emergency blanket comes with the chair and is stored in one of the two large pockets located on the back and underside of the seat. These pockets provide storage space for necessary emergency supplies. This model also has wide pneumatic tires.
Industrial Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1450)Industrial Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1450)Model 450- The Industrial Chair- specifically designed for use on job sites and in manufacturing environments. It has axle-mounted ball bearing wheels for easy transportation over debris and construction materials. Whether it’s indoor manufacturing or outdoor construction, The Industrial Chair should be part of every company’s safety response plan
Sports Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1430)Sports Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1430)Model 430 – The Sports Chair - specifically designed to negotiate: grass, sand, mud, stairs and other obstacles. The wide pneumatic tires are ball-bearing mounting on a heavy duty axle for ease of transport over debris or rough terrain. This model also has a leg sling/rest to help reduce chances of aggravating an injury. Perfect for schools, sports facilities and athletic teams.
The Glider Emergency Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1300B)The Glider Emergency Evacuation Chair (SKU: M1300B)Model M1300– The Glider Emergency Chair- evacuates down stairs with single person operation and up stairs with two person operation. Weight capacity of this evacuation chair is 650 lbs.

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