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Take a look at our water filtration materials. When it comes to emergency water storage, we are your experts. We invite you to click on any of the pictures below to find out more about our emergency water filtration products.
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5 Gallon Water Container (Collapsible) (SKU: WA144A)5 Gallon Water Container (Collapsible) (SKU: WA144A)This 5 gallon water container collapses for easy storage.
Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter (SKU: AM67005)Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter (SKU: AM67005)The Frontier Emergency Water Filter System is ideal for hiking, travel, and emergency preparedness. It is the perfect addition to your 72 hour emergency kit. One unit will filter up to 20 gallons (75L) of water.
Water 2Go 16 oz. Water bottle w/ filter (SKU: WA22-A)Water 2Go 16 oz. Water bottle w/ filter (SKU: WA22-A)16 ounce bottle with Level 2 filter. Treats up to 80 gallons. The filter removes chlorine, bad taste and order as well as a significant proportions of heavy metals
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter System (SKU: AM67006)Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter System (SKU: AM67006)Like no other filter system in the world. The designers at Aquamira have come up with the ultimate pump free filter system. With this in mind our designers considered multiple uses, the prevention of cross contamination, size, weight, ease of use, extended filter life, universal connectivity, as well as “hands free” gravity flow capability in the development of the Frontier Pro filter system
Water Filtration Bottle (SKU: FWPF)Water Filtration Bottle (SKU: FWPF)
LIFEPACK™ EMERGENCY FILTER (SKU: LM700000)LIFEPACK™ EMERGENCY FILTER (SKU: LM700000)LifePack™ solves the problem of contaminated water by allowing you to easily filter virtually any available water safely and efficiently wherever you are. LifePack uses forward osmosis to filter out dangerous biological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Aqua magic water filtration

Emergency Filter for Water Heaters

Emergency Filter for Water Heaters
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Got Water?

Emergency water storage? Solved.

The no worries™ water storage product

Take the worry out of water storage

Revolutionary Emergency Water Product

Storing water just got easy

When tap water is knocked out and bottled water is sold out, where are you going to get water? You’ll need more than magic—you’ll need AquaMagic. Normally, water discharged from a water heater is unsafe because dispensing it from the drain valve mixes in the harmful sediment at the bottom of the tank into the pure water above. AquaMagic’s powerful and simple solution is the A300 Emergency Filter for water heaters™ which screens out sediment, rust and dirt, then filters the water for purity and taste. It connects to your water heater in seconds. It’s the no worries™ water storage product that has no shelf life issues, no chemicals, no space requirements, no set up, and no maintenance! Be prepared for the next disaster by getting your A300 today
A300 Information
Safety Approvals NSF
Filter Media AquaFlash technology including natural coconut-based activated carbon for the elimination or reduction of inorganic contaminants and impurities that can cause undersirable taste, order and color in drinking water
Universal Fit Filter uses a 3/4" female hose thread that fits all household water heaters
Enviromentally Safe Uses no chemicals, water is filtered with natural materials
Service Life/Volume Rated to filter up to 300 gallons before replacement
Useful Life During an emergency or daily use, 30 days
Installation Time Several seconds... comparable to connecting a garden hose to a faucet
Length 24 inches, sufficient length to fill a tall pitcher or typical 5 gallon container. Coils up to fit in your hand.
Disaster-Ready Requires no power, water pressure or pumping
Shelf Life Indefinite, if left in sealed packaging. Opened and unused shelf life is 10 years.
Storage Store the Emergency Filter near your hot water heater.
Disposal Discard after use.

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